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Vice President Pence Announces Departure of Longtime Aide and Chief of Staff, Josh Pitcock, and Hiring of Nick Ayers as New Chief of Staff

Vice President Pence Announces Departure of Longtime Aide and Chief of Staff, Josh Pitcock, and Hiring of Nick Ayers as New Chief of Staff |

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Vice President Pence Announces Departure of Longtime Aide and Chief of Staff, Josh Pitcock, and Hiring of Nick Ayers as New Chief of Staff


Pitcock Will Continue to Lead the Staff Until August

After more than twelve years of service to Vice President Mike Pence, including most recently as Chief of Staff, Josh Pitcock informed the Vice President of his intention to depart at the beginning of August. Vice President Pence will name Nick Ayers as his new Chief of Staff. Pitcock will continue to serve as Chief of Staff through July and transition duties to Ayers on August 1st.

Pitcock served in several roles for Pence in Congress, including as his Chief of Staff, ran the DC Office for then Governor Pence, and was a senior advisor to Pence during the presidential campaign and transition. Prior to joining Pence, he practiced law for several years.

Vice President Pence stated: “Josh Pitcock's more than twelve years of service have played an invaluable role throughout my public career. His professionalism and integrity are unmatched and he will be missed. I will always be grateful for the

foundation Josh laid in the Office of the Vice President and wish him every success in his future endeavors. Whatever the future holds for Josh and his family, he will remain one of my most trusted advisors and cherished friends.”

Pitcock stated: “Since joining the Mike Pence team in his Congressional office in 2005, it has been an enormous privilege to serve him in the House of Representatives, the Governor’s office, on the Trump-Pence campaign and transition, and in the White House. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities the Vice President has afforded me, for the trust he has placed in me, and for the personal friendship we have developed over the years. Deciding to leave was not easy, but I believe the time is right for me to transition to the private sector. Nick and I have worked seamlessly together for years and will continue to do so through the transition and thereafter.”

Nick Ayers served as the campaign chairman and chief strategist for the Pence Vice Presidential operation and prior to that was Pence’s general consultant to his campaign for governor. Ayers has built a prestigious career in politics, advertising, and business and earned the trust and respect of business leaders, governors, and elected officials throughout the country as a leader in public policy and politics.

Vice President Pence stated: “I am pleased to welcome Nick Ayers to the Office of the Vice President. During my years as Governor, then as a candidate and serving as Vice President, I have come to appreciate Nick's friendship, keen intellect and integrity and I couldn’t be more excited to have him come to the White House as my Chief of Staff. I am sincerely grateful to him, and his wife Jamie, for their willingness to serve our office and this administration.”

Ayers stated: “I have such deep respect and admiration for the Pence’s and believe so deeply in the policies the Vice President and the President are fighting for. Leaving Georgia – albeit temporarily – was only possible because of how important my wife and I believe this mission is. I am honored with the trust the Vice President has in me and excited to serve in this capacity.”

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